The original wet lay-up of composite repairs

Since 1997, Armor Plate® Pipe Wrap is the original composite wet layup repair system that has been the superlative solution to pipeline repairs both domestic and abroad. Our system is easy to install with the highest level of technology built into the product. What sets us apart is that this system is the most engineer-tested in the world, and we have the most experienced field crew in the industry available 24/7.

What is Armor Plate® Pipe Wrap?

Armor Plate Pipe® Wrap ("APPW"), is a custom made wet layup composite repair system that is the ultimate solution to repairing pipelines while they are in service, therefore, saving our customers downtime expenses and lost production. APPW has empirical evidence to the innovation, with the highest level of technology for pipelines in the harshest environmental conditions from subzero to high temperature. Over the years, we have collaborated with various clients to design engineer testing that replicates the most challenging and complex corrosion defect repairs that a pipeline will face in its service lifespan.

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The Armor Plate® Pipe Wrap Systems

All of our APPW products can be used in any environment and on any pipe configuration. For more technical information please see our Product Engineer Certifications.

  1. AP 360 MP Multipurpose
  2. AP 360 ZED Cold Weather
  3. AP 360 HT High Temp
  4. AP 360 UW Underwater

We make installation easy.

We are the only composite manufacturer that has highly skilled technicians that work with composites daily and are the same technicians we send to your repair site. We offer turnkey repairs, supervision, training and certification for either contractors or pipeline operators. The APPW system can also be installed underwater with the use of divers for offshore repairs. APPW repair kits come in multiple sizes with all the application items required to repair most any pipe configuration not limited to any pipe diameter.

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Our APPW system is certified.

We offer onsite training at our corporate office, the designated field repair site, or at your facility. Our trainers have extensive field experience and superior product knowledge. The certification is valid for 3 years from the date of the class and meets all operator requirements. The training class covers the entire installation and or application process streamlined to be completed in less than a day.

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Our History

Our History

In 1997 visionary leader Fred D. Wilson recognized the potential for developing a pipe repair method using composite materials. With Mr. Wilson's combined field and product knowledge experience he pioneered the original wet layup system that is used nationwide and internationally today. The APPW system has been extensively engineer tested to meet and exceed the ASME PCC-2 standards and repair needs of the oil and gas industry, refineries, power plants, chemical plants, offshore platforms and more.

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