What types of pipelines can your system repair and be applied to?

Fits all pipeline configurations such as tees, straight pipe, welds, elbows, reducers, branch connections, girth welds and wrinkle bends with external corrosion, dents and/or gouges.


How long does it take to apply your system on a large repair area?

On a large installation repairing a 36 inch Diameter pipe we have installed over 2,600 sq.ft. of material in one day. The entire job consisted of over 24,000 sq. ft. of repair completed in 9 days and the outside daily temperature was over 100 degrees. On small repairs most repairs can be completed in less than 1 hour.


Compared to other systems is the Armor Plate Pipe Wrap system faster?

Yes, the Armor Plate Pipe Wrap can be applied much faster than most any other system on the market. Our product contains all of the application equipment, once our system arrives it is ready for use immediately.


How is your system different than other systems on the market?

The Armor Plate Pipe Wrap system is unique because it can be applied on different pipe configurations, underwater, below freezing temperature environments, pipelines operating at high temperatures, pipelines with constant external condensation, and irregular pipeline surfaces, and can be used to repair pipes with crevice corrosion.


Can your product be installed over a weld?

Yes, our system is a wet lay up which will conform to the pipe right over the weld and provide a permanent structural and corrosion repair.


Will your system work on reducers?

Yes, Armor Plate Pipe Wrap works easily with reducers and tee reducers, the material is adjusted on the pipe to conform to the pipe size changes at the reducer.


How strong is the composite material in your system?

Armor Plate Pipe Wrap is very strong, we have lap sheer tested a 10″ diameter x 1' inch wide strip of cured material and it held 25,000 PSI. In some cases our product is stronger than steel.


How wide is the Pipe Wrap used in a repair?

The width of our material is 12.5 inches wide per section.


Why don't you use a wider material to cover more area?

We have used wide material and we have found that our field technicians can install more material faster using the 12.5' wide material.


How would you rate your customer service, could you give an example?

Our employees take pride in very high customer service. We enjoy helping our customers solve their repair problems and we are readily available to help with difficult situations.


What adverse climates has the Pipe Wrap been installed in?

We have installed our system in Prudhoe Bay Alaska when the outside temperature was 40 degrees below zero (F). The repair area was tented and some heat was applied to raise the temperature to 25 degrees( F) when the repair was preformed. We have also installed our system in South Africa where the temperature was over 110 degrees (F).


Is there a minimum or maximum number of layers of your material installed on a typical structural repair?

Yes, we normally install at least 4 layers of material or more depending on the repair situation regarding wall loss. Our product is more cost effective because in many repairs we can install 4,5,6,7, and 8 or more wraps to bring the pipe's strength back to its maximum operating pressure. This has saved our customers thousands of dollars in repair costs.


Do you train and certify your customers or does Armor Plate have field technicians to install the Pipe Wrap system?

Yes, we provide both training and certification for our customers so they can install our products themselves which saves them labor costs. We also install our system for our customers whenever they request our field services or need supervision on a repair.


Do you have a certain waiting period when the Pipe Wrap system is ordered and shipped?

No, we keep a certain amount of inventory in stock that can be shipped worldwide next day air if needed. Our product is also non hazmat so it can be shipped by a number of air freight carriers or it can be shipped by ground.


What is the shelf life on your system?

The shelf life is 2 years from the date shipped. We maintain strict inventory guidelines so that our kits are made and placed in stock within a few days of most orders.


Can your products be purchased with a credit card?

Yes, we have a credit card system at our headquarters which saves a great deal of time. We also offer 30 day standard terms when a purchase order number is issued.