What is Armor Plate?

Armor Plate® Pipe Wrap is a composite repair system that is used to repair corroded and mechanically damaged pipelines without depressurization. Armor Plate® Pipe Wrap uses specially designed Armor Fiber®. Armor Plate® Pipe Wrap is installed by certified and trained installers. Armor Plate® Pipe Wrap accommodates any pipe size configuration. Armor Plate® Pipe Wrap is available in 12.5, 25, 50, and 100 square foot kits. Armor Plate® Pipe Wrap is the most engineer tested pipe wrap in the world.

Repair Capabilities

APPW is a wet layup system which has the advantage of being applied to a multitude of pipe configurations such as: wrinkle bends, tees, branch connections, nozzles, fittings, straight pipe, elbows, risers, encapsulating flanges, soil interface, dents, gouges, mechanical defects, pitting, sweating pipe, encapsulating steel sleeves, reducers, and small to large pipe diameters.

We are asked frequently what the capabilities are of the APPW system and the answer is “almost limitless”. We offer 4 systems for most any environment: AP360 MP (Multipurpose), AP 360 UW (Underwater), AP 360 HT (High Temperature.), AP 360 ZED (Cold Temperature.)


  • Armor Plate® Pipe Wrap meets and exceeds the requirements of ASME PCC-2
  • Armor Plate, Inc. provides superlative quality control, field and customer service
  • Armor Plate® Pipe Wrap is designed to repair pipelines while in service
  • Environmentally friendly application
  • Long term extensive engineer testing on Armor Plate® Pipe Wrap since its inception in 1995
  • Fits all pipeline configurations such as tees, straight pipe, welds, elbows, reducers, branch connections, girth welds and wrinkle bends with external corrosion, dents and/or gouges
  • Excellent use in confined space repairs
  • Used in world wide temperature conditions
  • Trained field installation crews available 24/7 in U.S.A.
  • May be backfilled the same day
  • Recognized by DOT / PHMSA (Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration) as the model for composite repairs, as per DOT Federal Register, Volume 64, No. 239
  • Test Data is available, upon request